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It's arrived!

After one day of training at the local boxing gym, I found the case of Popinski-sama's radiant soda, sent by hugginbears , waiting for me at my hotel door.

I was quite eager to receive the present, despite the speculation about the brew safety. But of course, I will need to proceed with caution in trying a bottle.

I decided to take two from the case, knowing I won't be able to enjoy them all. I can't take beverages on a plane, after all, especially when the drinks are glowing and look (And probably are) radioactive. I originally planned to send them over to Aran-san, seeing as he is friends with Soda-sama. However, his additude about this shyed me away from the thought. I decided to send them over to handsomevictory . Perhaps he can enjoy the remaining bottles as much as I wished I could.

I'll have to put the two bottles I kept in the refridgerator for later. The colder the better, as Popinski-sama mentioned. I will also need to plan the next part of my trip to America: New York City. I heard Mac-kun, Doc-sama and Kid-San are in that area. Perhaps I can go visit them when needed. Speaking of which, I need to remember to visit Macho-sama at least once before leaving LA.

And then there is that fight Mr. Dream is planning, can't miss that...


*Piston Hondo, after a long and exhausting journey, now sits alone, relaxing on his bed at a simple hotel.*

Ahhh here I am, fresh from the long flight to America and now at my humble hotel room in Los Angeles, California.

It is quite refreshing to be out of Japan after so long. It is like my career is my own vacation! Perhaps I can indulge myself with one of those American Cheeseburgers Ryan-san and 'Macho'-sama seem to always talk about. I mean, I have tried them before in my home country, but I've never had a 'all-American, double beef patty with a sesame seed bun and cheese' burger.

It would certainly take my mind off of that HORRIBLE...


... HORRIBLE flight.

The delays were frequent. The flight itself was full of loud, inconsiderate tourists leaving my country: Screaming children, arguing couples, crying infants...  I had the 'good fortune' to be seated by a large, sweaty obese man that I could have sworn was bigger than Hippo-sama. From the beginning to end of this nightmare, I could hear his loud, strained breathing. It was loud enough to prevent me from sleeping, and was distracting enough to not allow me to let my mind wander.

I was haunted by this man's wheezing for the entire 30+ hour trip.

I am quite exhausted.

Off to the land of Burgers and Guns!

Well, I am heading off to America today! Being in my home country with my family is grand and all, but it will be great to finally be back where I belong: In the ring, honorably beating the rice cakes out of other boxers.

As I expected, my parents did not approve of me returning to boxing. But fighting is my passion, and it is something I cannot turn my back upon! So I left against their wishes as always.

I am quite excited, having not seen any of my fellow boxers for quite a while! It would be the perfect chance for me to squeeze some matches in to improve my record. And let us not forget the festival/carnival/whatever you may call it, I certainly hope to have a pleasant time.

Now then, I best get going! My fright is in only a few hours!


Flight. I meant flight.


Well, I should get started on this then.

Greetings one and all. Now I may not exactly be up to terms with how this 'LiveJournal' works, but I must be sure to not get left behind , especially since the majority of my WVBA colleagues have already become members here, so I will just have to improvise.

Hopefully I will get the hang of this soon!